About St. Michael's

“…the first thing I felt when attending St. Michael’s for the first time was a perfect mixture of warmth and joyful reverence.”

I hear statements like these time and time again from visitors who attend a worship service at St. Michael’s. There is a beautiful vibrance that exists within these walls that resonates in the hearts of many individuals looking for a worshipping church that is rooted in Scripture and tradition. The warmth of the people will immediately capture your attention and you’ll quickly understand that above everything else, we are a family. If you are looking for a place of worship that feels like home and a church that feels like family, we welcome you to join us one Sunday as we worship the living Savior and minister to those in need around us!

Rev. Allen Willis 

Curate at St. Michael’s Parish


Saint Michael’s is a parish church of the Anglican Church in North America and the Anglican Diocese of the South.