Boy, doesn’t time fly?  Could it be age related? More probably, I think, it is a symptom of our times. We live in a faster time than our forbears because of our technology; our wants and needs are served by the almost instantaneous availability to fulfill them. We want gourmet food at fast food speed and prices. But quite often speed and availability don’t provide an adequate judgment for life experiences. The joy of the birth of a child is enhanced by the months of the anticipation of that event; just so, the vision of adulthood provides us with the needed stimulus to deal with childhood. The Church has never been viewed as a rapidly moving or changing body. In fact the times it has sought to be just that have usually turned out to be disasters. Just check out the Crusades and the earliest times of missionary endeavor. History tells that the rush to accomplish goals and desires usually fails to bring about the wanted end.

Perhaps, we all need to celebrate a little more; where we are; from where we have come; and what we have accomplished in our history, rather than just to anticipate (fret and worry) what might come next. In the case of our Church, our family, and our community, the future may be challenging or dangerous; but all have promises of exceeding the “glory which shall be revealed in  us.”(Romans 8). Or as Yogi Berra put it “Our is all in front of us!” Both our present and our past give us plenty of examples of what needs to be done. So let us take just a day or so to rejoice in the Grace of God, which empowers us to accomplish all of the tasks that lie before us.


Canon Pete+